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About Us


Welcome to the Beaverton Church of the Brethren! We believe that God has brought each of us here today to worship and praise Him.

You will find that we are very family focused and committed to serving Jesus Christ peacefully, simply and together. We strive diligently to assist each one to grow in the love and grace of Jesus Christ. To this end, the fellowship provides the many activities for growth and fellowship listed throughout our website.

We pray your visit with us will be a blessing to you and if you have been seeking a place to belong and grow in your faith, we would welcome you to come share with us the journey of faith in Jesus Christ.

~ Pastor Joe and the Beaverton Church of the Brethren

Statement of Purpose

The Beaverton Church of the Brethren is a two-fold mission work:

1. The inner mission is to “make disciples” of its member through nurture, instruction and discipline; and to enable members to grow spiritually from infancy to maturity preparing them for a life of service to God, one another, and the larger community.

2. The outer mission is to “make disciples” of the larger community through testimony and service. The Church through its service to the larger community*, it to be a living testimony to the love, power, and grace of the resurrected Christ.3. As the Church seeks to be faithful to its two-fold mission, the Church as a whole, or smaller groups within the Church, shall be called to specific missions in the larger community*. These “specific missions” are the means by which the greater mission is fulfilled; they must, therefore, be mission which are in harmony with the law and spirit of the gospel.

*The larger community shall refer to all people outside of the Church community; it refers therefore, to local national, and international communities.

The Beaverton Church of the Brethren believes:

  1. That there is but one God who is a personal God who in holy love creates, sustains, and orders all.
  2. That God is manifest in the holy trinity as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  3. That God as Father is the creator and sustainer of life.
  4. That Jesus, the Christ, is the living Son of God and is the foremost revelation of God to man, and it is through faith in Him that salvation is given.
  5. The Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts and minds of believers, creating and sustaining the Church through the gospel, giving guidance, comfort, and uniting believers with their Lord and with one another.
  6. That the New Testament is the holy word of God and the only creed for the Church.
  7. That the Church is the body of Christ and is, therefore, called to be a living and faithful witness to the teachings of Christ.
  8. That the Church is called to be peacemaker in the world.
  9. That each member of the congregation, of the body of believers, is uniquely gifted to participate in the mission and ministry of the Church.

Statement of Faith


Church membership is not to be entered into lightly of unadvisedly because it is membership in the body of Christ. Both the congregation and the member shall diligently strive to make membership meaningful and significant. Each applicant shall be instructed in the Word of God and the faith and practices of the Church of the Brethren prior to being received into membership. The occasion of the member’s reception shall be a service of spiritual dignity, beauty and meaning.

New members shall be active in seeking, and the Church shall be diligent in helping them discover, their rightful place in the ministry of Christ and His Church. It is expected that members shall be faithful in discharging their Christian responsibilities by way of attendance at regular worship services, communion, and other meetings of the congregation, and by the stewardship of time, talent, and treasure. They shall remember in their daily work and wherever they may be, that they are a part of the Church and responsible for a witness that is Christian. The congregation may well consider the periodic renewal of vows and commitment for all its members.

The Beaverton Church of the Brethren receives members by:
1. Confession of faith and baptism by trine immersion as practiced by the Church of the Brethren.
2. Letter of transfer from another congregation of the Church of the Brethren or of another Christian denomination.
3. Reaffirmation of faith and renewal of commitment to membership made at an earlier time in another congregation.

The Church of the Brethren Membership Polity statement adopted by the Annual Conference, 1985 and interpreted by the Church Council is the authority on issues of membership.